The Ken Blanchard Companies: Developing Leaders for Vision 2030 and Beyond

Top 10 Emerging Leadership Development Companies in Middle East - 2022

The environment in which businesses operate is evolving at a rapid pace. The World Bank MENA Economic Update estimates that the MENA economies will grow by 5.2% in 2022, the fastest since 2016. This requires leaders to have a different and broader set of talent than in the past, with a higher emphasis on adaptability and the capacity to accept, understand, and respond to complexity. Leaders must be willing to put in just as much effort understanding the external environment in which they compete as they do managing the internal governance. Due to the changing environment, this new sort of leadership has become an increasingly valuable resource for any organization hoping to stay ahead of the curve, or even to simply keep up with it.

Until recently, a leader’s identity was largely determined by the confines of their organisation. However, it is becoming increasingly evident that the most important aspect of effective leadership is not this attention to the organization itself, but in creating a clear perspective. This necessitates leadership development that instills awareness of an organization’s economic and social context, as well as the position that a department plays within the wider organization. Against this backdrop, this edition showcases companies like The Ken Blanchard Companies which helps enterprises in Saudi Arabia with its suite of leadership development solutions. It also features Dubai based The Learning Initiative company that helps adaptive business leaders accelerate business value in a complex digital world.

This edition of Manage HR brings the spotlight onto some of the key developments in the space and how companies are leveraging leadership development solutions to boost their growth. It features thought leadership articles from Berry Lumpkins, Hanna Nordel, among others who have imparted their opinions on how leadership development is usually seen as an investment in the top echelon of a company’s structure.

Along with that, the edition features innovative leadership development solutions from companies; including 42twigs that specializes in helping ambitious entrepreneurs, C-suite executives, and other professionals to help master personal and professional lives. Additionally, UAE based Zeder Group’s interview highlights effective HR, Business, and Leadership strategies and solutions to gain and maintain leadership. We present to you the, “Top 10 Leadership Development Services Companies in Middle East - 2022” and “Top 10 Emerging Leadership Development Companies in Middle East - 2022.”

    Top Emerging Leadership Development Companies in Middle East

  • The Ken Blanchard Companies is helping enterprises in Saudi Arabia leverage its management training, consulting, and coaching expertise to fast-track and orchestrate projects for Vision 2030 and beyond. Using its suite of leadership development solutions through flexible delivery modalities to meet the specific needs of its clients, The Ken Blanchard Companies® is upskilling and certifying local talents who could eventually solve critical business challenges and deliver improved bottom-line results for their organizations

  • 42twigs provides peak-performance coaching for leaders who want to help their organizations grow healthier and thrive. It focuses on high-flow leadership and teamwork.

  • The Learning Initiative's consultative approach allows the company to discover unspoken behaviors by focusing on today’s business leaders and helping them accelerate towards their business, technology and people goals. To be successful, leaders need to master the five essential tracks: leading self, team, organization, innovation, and technology. The Learning Initiative deploys these tracks to help develop leaders ready to roll their sleeves up and transition to visionary leaders during these times of uncertainty and change. To make this happen, the company takes a hybrid learning approach, which incorporates the physical and digital world together and the third and vital—experiential world, to amplify an authentic experience that leaders can relate to and apply immediately in their daily operations.

  • Daksada


    Daksada is a team of business consulting specialists, talent developers, L&D practitioners with rich domain experience across industries and segments both in the regional and global markets, committed to organisational transformation. Daksada knows more about aligning talent and organizational strategies.

  • Jupiter Eclipse Training

    Jupiter Eclipse Training

    Jupiter Eclipse Training (JET) is a team-building organization offering Team building in Egypt, Coaching & Training courses for executives, managers, and Work teams, building spirit, enhancing communication, and closer personal connections in the workplace. JET’s team building in Egypt programs are designed to provide excellence in team-building for all types of organizations, enhancing communication, building closer, more personal connections.



    LEADiN ME is a leadership development consultancy founded in 2016 to serve leaders at all levels through LEADiN ME leadership development journey. LEADiN ME leadership development model goes far beyond developing skills and enhancing competencies through traditional training programs, as it is a multi-dimensional model built on human and business psychology.

  • Mohammed Bin Rashid Center for Leadership Development

    Mohammed Bin Rashid Center for Leadership Development

    Mohammed bin Rashid Center for Leadership Development (MBRCLD) was set up in 2003 with the intent of creating leaders for tomorrow. Today, the Center witnesses the benefits of the seeds it sowed in the development programs that were delivered in the form of Emirati leaders in senior positions both in federal and local agencies.

  • Spring Coaching

    Spring Coaching

    Spring Coaching is owned and run by ICF certified coaches with years of practical experience in corporate management and leadership coaching. Spring Coaching specialises in Leadership Development and Team Strategy, preparing executive talent to perform at world class levels and building high-performance management teams.

  • Strategic Management Consulting

    Strategic Management Consulting

    Strategic Management Consulting is a global management consulting firm that combine international and local experience to help leaders create and implement business strategies successfully. Strategic Management Consulting helps firms to identify and develop talent, build teams that can perform and produce positive results.

  • Vinyard


    Vinyard partners with their clients to create an outstanding unique learning experience through training, learning designs, coaching and consulting. Vinyard is a companion along the road of success through savvy coaching services, boosting productivity, enhancing performance, working out personal finances, facilitating the journey of discovering passion and capitalize on strengths to embark a promising career.

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