The Ken Blanchard Companies: Developing Leaders for Vision 2030 and Beyond

Top 10 Leadership Development Services Companies in Middle East - 2022

The environment in which businesses operate is evolving at a rapid pace. The World Bank MENA Economic Update estimates that the MENA economies will grow by 5.2% in 2022, the fastest since 2016. This requires leaders to have a different and broader set of talent than in the past, with a higher emphasis on adaptability and the capacity to accept, understand, and respond to complexity. Leaders must be willing to put in just as much effort understanding the external environment in which they compete as they do managing the internal governance. Due to the changing environment, this new sort of leadership has become an increasingly valuable resource for any organization hoping to stay ahead of the curve, or even to simply keep up with it.

Until recently, a leader’s identity was largely determined by the confines of their organisation. However, it is becoming increasingly evident that the most important aspect of effective leadership is not this attention to the organization itself, but in creating a clear perspective. This necessitates leadership development that instills awareness of an organization’s economic and social context, as well as the position that a department plays within the wider organization. Against this backdrop, this edition showcases companies like The Ken Blanchard Companies which helps enterprises in Saudi Arabia with its suite of leadership development solutions. It also features Dubai based The Learning Initiative company that helps adaptive business leaders accelerate business value in a complex digital world.

This edition of Manage HR brings the spotlight onto some of the key developments in the space and how companies are leveraging leadership development solutions to boost their growth. It features thought leadership articles from Berry Lumpkins, Hanna Nordel, among others who have imparted their opinions on how leadership development is usually seen as an investment in the top echelon of a company’s structure.

Along with that, the edition features innovative leadership development solutions from companies; including 42twigs that specializes in helping ambitious entrepreneurs, C-suite executives, and other professionals to help master personal and professional lives. Additionally, UAE based Zeder Group’s interview highlights effective HR, Business, and Leadership strategies and solutions to gain and maintain leadership. We present to you the, “Top 10 Leadership Development Services Companies in Middle East - 2022” and “Top 10 Emerging Leadership Development Companies in Middle East - 2022.”

    Top Leadership Development Services Companies in Middle East

  • Headquartered in the UAE and experts in business and HR consulting, Zeder Group works closely with organizations from different industries and sizes to understand their shortcomings and devise effective HR, recruitment, and leadership strategies and solutions to help them flourish. The company is not a conceptual consultant. Their practical and operational approach means they don’t just advise them on what to do; they assume an executive role and implement the actions needed to increase performance and achieve the goals. That is why most of their new clients come from word of mouth.

  • Biz Group is a well-known learning provider in the Middle East, with more than 25 years of experience in delivering business results to clients using a proprietary learning formula. Biz Group is a well-known learning provider in the Middle East, with more than 25 years of experience in delivering business results to clients using a proprietary learning formula.

  • AFAQ


    AFAQ for Leadership Development, a forward thinking leadership and organizational development consultancy works closely with organisations to bring out the best in the senior leaders, managers and teams. AFAQ specializes in designing, developing and delivering bespoke assessments and development solutions which are meaningful and relevant to achieving organizational success.

  • Blue Ocean Academy

    Blue Ocean Academy

    Blue Ocean Academy is an ISO certified organization and a leading management training and educational consultancy firm. Blue Ocean has sparked the careers of thousands of professionals drawn from different industries who have displayed rare leadership qualities in challenging scenarios.

  • EcoMan


    EcoMan is a highly successful training & Competency Development Solutions Company specializing in organizational training markets. EcoMan offers over 1500 high-quality public courses/workshops each year that is up-to-date, performance-focused, and delivered by leading industry experts and professional facilitators.

  • Euodoō International

    Euodoō International

    Euodoō International is a business consulting company, that provides its services in the Middle East and Africa through software tools, e-marketing, top management training & coaching. Euodoō International believes that true and long-lasting success starts with Leadership development.

  • Kaplan Professional Middle East

    Kaplan Professional  Middle East

    Kaplan Professional Middle East is part of the Kaplan family, the world’s leading global provider of diverse education and training. Programs include leadership and professional development training, professional accountancy and financial training, vocational qualifications, apprenticeships, financial markets, postgraduate and undergraduate degrees.

  • LEADWomen


    LEADWomen Executive Education is a strategic training unit within the Anderson Training Group, designed to challenge and grow the female professionals by providing support, skills and education needed in order to inspire growth minded leaders.

  • The Leadership and Management Academy

    The Leadership and  Management Academy

    The Leadership and Management Academy (LMA) is a training Academy authorized by a Presidential Decree (9759), holding the permition of the Lebanese Ministry of Education. The Academy is specialized in conducting Management and leadership trainings for professionals and executives in companies, educational institutions, NGOs and political parties.

  • The Talent Enterprise

    The Talent Enterprise

    The Talent Enterprise offers Behaviourmetry® tools and techniques, to assess and provide a multi-dimensional view of an individual’s ‘markers’, such as personality, strengths, motivation, cognition, emotion, expressed behaviours, emergent leadership attributes, authenticity as well as congruence between verbal and non verbal communication.

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