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Top 10 Leadership Development Training and Coaching Companies in Middle East - 2021

The onset of the Covid-19 crisis has resulted in an unprecedented shift to every industry landscape and redefined what business as usual has meant to innumerable organizations across the globe. By acting as a catalyst in accelerating digital transformation at a rapid pace, the pandemic has renewed the focus on expanding the use of a company’s pre-existing technology stack and operating model to ensure business continuity. As the economy is on the cusp of recovery, owing to mass vaccination drives—businesses in the Middle East are leading the way by rapidly growing and transitioning into global enterprises. However, the uncertain global economic conditions and persistent ambiguity have made it imperative to strengthen the leadership pipeline as a critical success factor. Based on the paradigm shift caused by COVID-19, businesses need to create training and leadership development programs that fast-tracks maturity and readiness for such future disruption. In addition, organizations should continue to expand the reach of their leadership development effort to include more than C level or senior executives. Flattening organizational structures naturally creates further opportunities for non-positional leaders to step up in their teams and networks.

The HR technology market offers capabilities and content for supporting this wide variety of leadership development opportunities. That said, businesses need to understand the various offerings available to them, which may enable them to focus those on the personal development needs of individuals rather than just continued maintenance of a stagnant leadership development program. Furthermore, businesses must choose leadership development and training courses tailored to recognize the unique business environment of organizations operating in the Middle East. To help organizations, this edition of Manage HR Magazine brings you the “Top 10 Leadership Development Training and Coaching Companies in the Middle East - 2021.” The list gives you some of the most prominent organizations in the industry that have excelled with their portfolio by transforming business processes through their insights and technological prowess.

    Top Leadership Development Training and Coaching in Middle East

  • Empower World has been carving a niche for itself in the leadership development space by putting forth a diverse range of programs that aim to bridge this gap between the organizations and their employees, making employees more effective and productive in the organization. Credentialed by International Coaching Federation (ICF), Empower World provides tailor-made executive coaching and coach mentoring programs that bring about transformational behavioral change and instill key leadership skills in the workforce. This assortment of highly interactive and experiential programs, workshops, and training support employees, coaches, and leaders across a growing list of locations in the Middle East, Australasia, Europe, and Africa today.

  • In 1938, Stanley Kaplan, began tutoring students in the basement of his parents’ Brooklyn home. Today, Kaplan is a world-class learning and development leader that supports the training of individuals and organisations across the globe. Kaplan is a pioneer in the for-profit education industry, with a brand name that is synonymous with quality, innovation and integrity. Kaplan offers a wide range of products and services for learners of all ages - from kindergarten students mastering basic skills to professionals looking for career advancement

  • Momentum Uncensored helps clients to drive their professional performance to the next level by establishing an environment that allows for higher performance and goal-oriented business culture. The company provides regular coaching and training to key leaders in business that enables them to effect positive and lasting change throughout their organizations.They assist clients in establishing effective and targeted performance management systems to measure employee engagement, employee experience, employee satisfaction, turnover rates, professional development and training, and individual/departmental goal achievement. Its High-Performance coaching programs for business leaders enable the fundamental development of top leadership required to drive their companies to the next level

  • StIR StrategyImpactReputation FZE is a boutique advisory platform providing access to senior experts and selected institutional partners with top-level strategy, delivery and positioning as well as communications expertise, at the crossroads of business/economic development and government/politics. It complements its advisory offering with dedicated leadership development and coaching. Building on Napoleon Hill’s Principles of Success—in a 21st-century interpretation—StIR believes in joining its partners on their journeys to success and helping them reach their full potential. Dr. Andreas Baumgartner, the founder and Managing Partner of StIR, is also a fully certified Instructor of the Napoleon Hill Foundation, one of only very few outside the U.S

  • The Ken Blanchard Companies is the global leader in management training. Since its inception in 1979, The Ken Blanchard Companies—the brainchild of Ken and Marjorie—has been mentoring the best managers in the world, training over 150,000 people every year. Today, the Ken Blanchard Companies is regarded as the global leader in management consulting and training all levels of an organization and is the provider of choice by Fortune 500 companies as well as small to medium businesses, governments, and educational and non-profit organizations

  • AFAQ


    AFAQ for Leadership Development, a forward- thinking leadership and organisational development consultancy, works closely with businesses to bring out the best in their senior leaders, managers or teams and identify where improvements can be made. Founded on a deep cultural understanding of what it takes to be an effective leader in the UAE, the company specialises in designing and delivering bespoke assessments and tailored development solutions that will be both meaningful and relevant to its clients' business success

  • Blue Ocean Academy

    Blue Ocean Academy

    Blue Ocean Academy is one of the most trusted names in the field of corporate training in the UAE for a long time. With an aim to foster learning and a vow to create better professional opportunities and armed with an ISO certification, Blue Ocean has over 20 years of experience in the market. From its humble beginnings in 1998, Blue Ocean has come a long way. Today, it has a strong presence in the UAE and other GCC Countries, with more than 80,000 alumni worldwide, a global network of certified trainers, international affiliations and multinational partners



    CORPORATE WELL-BEING aims to promote the science and practice of well-being in corporate life. All corporations from the business, health and education world are in its scope. The purpose of the company's work is to flourish the stakeholders of these corporations as well as enabling them to work at their best

  • Kaizen Consulting Group

    Kaizen Consulting Group

    Kaizen Consulting Group works to bring clarity and deliver guaranteed results through personalised coaching and consulting, tailored to its clients and their team's needs. The company's award-winning expert team has worked with over 700 companies worldwide, helping business leaders boost revenue by an average of 41%. By focusing on PEOPLE and PROCESSES, Kaizen Consulting Group apply the Kaizen System, customising it to clients' vision to create a culture of accountability and leadership, and a trajectory for growth

  • PDR Group

    PDR Group

    PDR International is a company of PDR Group-leading organizational change and training consultancy company in Turkey. The company aims to help clients achieve their organizational goals through energized, productive people. PDR International does this through a combination of consulting, training programs, and measurement processes to sustain the momentum of change after our involvement

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