Sadek,CEO,  Zeder GroupSadek,CEO, Zeder Group
From successful business owners and professionals turned consultants, Zeder Group Clients will benefit from decades of practical strategies and tactics to achieve their dreams and implement solutions to overcome their current challenges.

We are not theoretical consultants; we are pure operational executives with extensive experience in unleashing the potential of organizations. Our framework will assess and develop practical solutions covering: Financial Management, Organizational and People capabilities, and Revenue generation. Our decades of proven and tested methods have helped hundreds of organizations and fast-tracked their growth.

Upon completion of the assignment, clients will benefit from a fully functional and competent business allowing its leader to navigate it smoothly, with clear visibility and clarity.

Businesses we help

1. Performing with ambitious growth plans: Successful businesses who want to build a solid foundation and sustainable organization. We advise them on building and implementing the right strategies that worked and avoid mistakes that other businesses tried before them

2. Underperforming: Businesses that have had previous success and a good business model; however, their numbers are sliding and want to go back to profitability. We identify barriers, remove them, and set the business for growth.

3. Stressed: These businesses would be experiencing significant low or no profits, their cash is declining, and want to alter their situation before it’s too late. We optimize their cash flow and identify new revenue streams while taking necessary actions to alter the situation

4. Distressed: These businesses would be under great difficulties. They have cash flow issues, are delaying payments, and want to salvage their company. Our quick intervention will save the business and rebuild it for profitability and growth

How we do it

Our service will depend on each client’s needs and is tailor-made using one or more of the following:

1. Operational Restructuring: Rapid Cost reduction, Resource optimization, Procurement improvements, short-term Cash Management and improvements, Revenue growth, Management Capability assessment, and replacement if needed

2. Turnaround and Transformation: Development and implementation of a transformation strategy, team assessment, appointment of Interim C-level team, Change Management, Situational and Crisis management, financial visibility Structure, Leadership Recruitment, Business model definition, and Revenue growth generation

3. Strengthening for Growth: Identification of Barriers, Capabilities Assessment, Growth Strategy Formulation and Implementation, development of new revenue streams, Headhunting, and Recruitment for new positions.

How long will it take?

Our interventions range from a couple of months to one year depending on the complexity and needs. During this period, we ensure the transfer of knowledge and know-how to the executives and management teams to improve their business capabilities and leadership

We are not theoretical consultants; we are pure operational executives with extensive experience in unleashing the potential of organizations.

Some of our recent projects

• A distressed business operating in 5 countries in the Middle East and North Africa, had a massive cash burn. As a last resort before pulling the plug, investors mandated us for a period of three months to execute a full turnaround. We assumed Interim C-Level roles, reviewed the business model, identified cash burn areas, resized the operation and back-office: people, technology, procurement…etc reduced the cash burn significantly before developing a new strategy and appointing a new Leadership team. The intervention resulted in re-gaining existing investors’ confidence and injecting funds making it a profitable growing business.

• A profitable start-up needed to attract investors for their growth. During the 6 months assignment, we helped them in developing and refining their business model by opening new income streams and improving their Leadership capabilities. The result was securing the first round of the needed funding. One year later and to support their expansion, they were able to secure another funding series on their own.

What our clients say

CEO of a Middle East-based company in the services industry: I have personally witnessed Zeder Group team in action. We couldn’t have reached this stage, in such a time, without them. Their active involvement in all aspects of the business has helped us grow even during the transformation phase.

Partner and Managing Director of a GCC-based retail business: It is with pleasure that I recommend Zeder Group to any company that wants to grow. After 20 years in the business, they have helped us see and think about retail and the business from a new angle be it in: Product, Stock, People, Financials, Processes, and more. Their strategy has helped us almost double our profitability